The Soundcheck Sessions Is Evolving!

The Soundcheck Sessions is evolving into a weekly live music web series featuring some of the most talented and exciting bands on the scene. Think Old Grey Whistle Test meets From the Basement. Every week starting in January we will be featuring one band or musician playing live in studio, followed by a candid interview with the artist. Each 20 minute episode will be shot in full 1080p high definition and treated to a professionally engineered stereo mix. And not to forget our roots, all you gearheads will have the option of watching bonus featurettes with the musicians discussing their instruments, amps and pedals. In edition to the episodes, there will also be weekly and monthly giveaways just for being a fan of the series. You could win anything from autographed albums to amazing music gear! CLICK HERE to find out how you can help support this project.

TC Electronic Vortex Flanger Guitar Pedal Video Review And Demo

TC Electronics TonePrint Vortex Flanger PedalThe Vortex Flanger is built with guitarists in mind; so it features a small footprint, easy-access battery hatch and is built with the highest-grade components. Vortex Flanger has a true bypass design, and features analog-dry-through. Visit TC Electronic for more info on this pedal.


Vox Big Bad Wah Guitar Pedal Video Review And Demo

Vox Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah PedalThe Big Bad Wah dual-mode wah pedal is the third effect pedal created in collaboration between the world-renowned guitarist Joe Satriani and VOX. With two wah modes and some unique features, it delivers a wide range of wah sounds. Visit Vox for more info on this pedal.


Maxon Real Tube Compressor Guitar Pedal Video Review And Demo

PhotobucketThe Maxon RTC600 is a studio-grade Tube Compressor Preamp in a compact Stompbox format. The RTC600 uses a precision RMS level Detection circuit and high-performance VCA to create a warm yet bold compression sound with ultra-low noise floor. Its five controls can create a wide variety of effects, including "Brick Wall" limiting and "Soft Knee" compression. Visit Maxon for more info on this pedal.

TC Electronic Corona Chorus Guitar Pedal Video Review And Demo

TC Electronics TonePrint Corona Chorus Effect PedalThe Corona Chorus is your go-to pedal for all your shimmering and warbly goodness. With two different chorus settings (the classic world-renowned TC Electronic SCF pedal and a Tri-Chorus) and a custom TonePrint setting, Corona Chorus will stand by you no matter what situation your playing might bring you in. Visit TC Electronic for more info on this pedal.